KomBlocks has a flat organizational structure with direct lines to key management enabling our team of dedicated professionals to act quickly and focus on delivering results.  

Overview of the leaders steering the helm at KomBlocks. As a company with Swiss roots, we uphold the highest standards of ethical and business practices. Our management team, comprised entirely of Swiss professionals, embodies this commitment and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our company.

We firmly believe in the power of diverse perspectives and inclusive practices. Therefore, we operate in a global context and extend our services to clients from various parts of the world. While doing so, we ensure to respect the unique cultural, ethical, and business norms of each country we operate in. This respect for diversity and adherence to ethics forms the bedrock of our management philosophy.

Open Source contribution

At KomBlocks, we have a deep appreciation for the value of open-source software. Open source is a cornerstone of innovation, fostering a collaborative environment that promotes the sharing of ideas, transparency, and community development.

We utilize open-source technology in our software solutions, as it allows for flexibility and customization that proprietary software can’t match. This ensures that our software solutions are adaptable and can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

Moreover, we contribute back to the open-source community, acknowledging the importance of communal growth and shared knowledge in the technological sphere. By participating in this collaborative ecosystem, we hope to drive innovation and create software solutions that push the boundaries of what is possible.

The concepts of ethical practice, Swiss precision, and open-source philosophy work together to define who we are at KomBlocks. Explore our “Management” page to get to know the team that works tirelessly to bring you innovative and customized software solutions.


Swiss Private company based in Geneva with various key positions in the trading software industry.